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How to: Sandbox Environment (Beta)

The sandbox environment is a copy of our application, its purpose is to let customers test their integrations with our services. It doesn't send any real faxes and can't sign documents for officially, it's fail-safe to use as a testing environment.


The sandbox app can be accessed by URL and API can be accessed by note you must reach out to our Support team ( to be created within the sandbox environment before you will be able to access it.


We have some sandbox-specific tools for you to help you integrate. They are accessible by


Virtual Email Inbox

In this environment, you will see an Emails tab, this is your virtual email inbox. The sandbox app doesn't send any real emails. So in case if you want to test and see which emails will be sent by our application, you can open this page in a separate tab and it'll contain the last 50 emails associated with your account.


The inbox will be cleared if you close this tab or navigate to the other page. Keep the page open while testing.


Sending Inbound Fax

The second tab contains a tool to send an inbound fax to your own number. It's the only way to simulate an inbound fax in the sandbox environment. It's quite simple: pick the recipient number and hit send.


If you need access to the sandbox environment for you account, reach out to our support team through live chat or to get your account created. 

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