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How To Uninstall The Print Driver

This article will show you how you can uninstall the print driver.

You will want to start by searching "Add or Remove Programs" in your windows search bar. The screenshot below shows you were you can enter this information.

Once you have selected "Add or Remove Programs" It will open a screen that looks like the screenshot below. You will want to use the highlighted search bar to search "mFax" or "Print To Fax" and the driver should appear below that search bar.

Once you have found the driver, click on the driver and it will allow you select uninstall like shown in the screenshot below. Select uninstall and your machine will begin the process of uninstalling the driver.

You will be prompted to make sure you want to uninstall the driver, you will want to accept this prompt. The screenshot below will show you what that prompt will look like and please select yes when doing this.

This will prompt your machine to complete the uninstall of the driver. Once complete you have uninstalled the fax driver and it is no longer on your machine! 

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