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Getting Started With Tags (mFax)

This article will be an overview of the tag feature in the mFax portal.

Tags allow you to mark faxes as well as fax numbers to help easily identify and search for specific groups of faxes.

You can filter in your history's filter settings for a specific tag to easily search for a group of faxes.

You can also add or create a tag right from the send fax screen like shown in the screen shot below. You can create a tag by selecting the plus on the right hand side. You can add a tag before sending the fax by clicking in the tags field and selecting the tags you'd like to add.

You can also tag faxes by navigating to your history tab on the portal and you will see a tags column shown in the screenshot below. Click the '+' symbol.

Once you have clicked on '+', you will have the option to create a tag by clicking the plus to right like shown in the screenshot below.

The screenshot below shows the create a tag screen, from this screen you will simply just need to name the tag, select a color for the tag, and if you would like it to be available to the whole account or just your user. You will also have the option to make is a user or account level tag.

Once that tag is created you will now just simply need to select the plus on the fax you would like to tag and select your tag to add that tag to that fax and you will now be able to filter your history by that tag to find any fax that has been labeled with that tag. 

Below is a screenshot of how you can filter your history to search for a specific tag in your history.

You can also add tags to numbers on your account. You can add tags to a number by navigating to your numbers tab and selecting the plus like shown in the screenshot below on the number you'd like to add a tag for. You will be able to add a current tag to your number or select the green plus on the right hand side to create a new tag. Once you have added a tag to a number, all inbound faxes received to that number will have your tag added to that fax.

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