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FaxBridge Management (Advanced)

This article provides instructions and information for managing a FaxBridge via SSH/Telnet from the Linux terminal shell of the device.

Login to the device via SSH or Telnet.

User: admin

Password: restricted

The commands and information below reference firmware version 20220601A released on 08/01/2022. If your device is running a previous version of the firmware you will need to update the kernel firmware by running the command "vfwu" once logged in.

You can see the current version of the firmware of the device by running the command vxu once logged in. It will display on one of the lines.

Running the command "vxu" at the prompt will also give you a list of the commands that you can use while logged in to the device. See example output below:

Next, we'll list the commands and what they are used for.

vxu system info

Displays the system information of the unit. See example output below:

vxu update boot loader

Updates the boot loader. See example output below:

vxu update kernel image

Updates the kernel image (ie updates firmware). The previous command for this was "vfwu" which will still work and do the same thing. WARNING: If the FaxBridge loses power during the firmware/kernel update it will brick the device. See example output below:

vxu fax config px "y" (y=1, 2, or 3)

Sets the configuration of the bridge. The default setting for the configuration is 0 which will typically be what you want it set to. At the default setting the bridge should adjust to whatever fax machine or device it's connected to with regards to protocol. If working with a certain type of fax machine that is having issues you may want to change the configuration to "force" a protocol for the FaxBridge to use.

px 1 = v17

px 2 = v29

px 3 = v34

See example output below:

vxu fax config reset

Resets the configuration to default (ie 0). See example output below:

vxu fax test send

Generates a test fax from the FaxBridge to the connected fax machine. This test page will be blank with three dots in the upper left corner. See example output below:

vxu net config

Displays the current network configuration (ie DHCP or Static) and allows you to set whichever you want by following the prompts to do so. Recommended setting is to set for DHCP (this is the default setting of the unit) and then to set a DHCP reservation for the device on the DHCP server on the network. See example output below:

vxu net monitor

Displays FaxBridge network information. See example output below:

vxu fax monitor

Displays FaxBridge network information and opens the device log (for real-time monitoring (tailing) of the FaxBridge communications). See example output below:

vxu fax purge

Purges any pending faxes in the FaxBridge buffer. See example output below:

vxu fax info

Displays same information as "vxu system info" command.  

vxu reboot

Reboots the device.


Exit command that returns you to the prompt if in an active state (ie device log or similar).

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