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How to sign a document using mSign

After creating a document for yourself you can then add the signature field and sign it.

Once you have your document created you will be brought to the edit screen. 

From here you will want to add a signature field. You can click on the signature field on the right and then place it where you'd like the signature to be. 

Once that field has been created you will then want to assign it to a user to be signed. You can do this by clicking on the field you just made and selecting the Assign button and then assign the user you would like to sign it.

Once you assign a user the field will be a different color and say click here to sign.

You will simply click the field and choose the signature style of your choice and then click the sign button on the bottom.

Once the document has been signed you will want to click the Complete signing button on the top right.

You're done! Your document has been signed.

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