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How to send a document for signature

Once you have created a document for 'Me and others' you are ready to add the signature fields and send it to get signed.

When you have created the document, you will be brought to the edit screen. From here we will need to add a signature field and assign the person you would like it to be signed by. 

Next, you will want to add a signature field. You can click on the signature field on the right and then place it where you'd like the signature to be.

Once that field has been created you will then want to assign it to a user to be signed. You can do this by clicking on the field you just made and selecting the Assign button and then select 'Create new contact'.

From here you will fill out the contact information of the person you'd like to sign the document. This will also create them as a contact on your account for easy access to send additional documents to.

After you finish filling out that information you will select the create button at the bottom. This will bring you back to the document. You will notice the color of the field is different and on the right the contact you created will be assigned to the signature field.

The last step you need to do is select send document at the top. The recipient will receive a link to the portal where they can sign the document. Once it has been signed you will be notified.

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