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SSO via SAML 2.0 (OneLogin)

The first step is to create a new application:

Now, search for SAML and it will list all of the apps, pick: SAML Custom Connector (Advanced):

Then, configure your brand new app:

Next, you'll want to switch to the configuration tab. 

 For retail customers, the SSO URL should be, and the audience URL should be It's important that the audience URL does not have '/' at the end in any instance. 

Note: Resellers should set up their custom API URL first as there are many redirects that happen under the hood between the API and APP. This API URL will work as an alias to

Then, switch to the Parameters tab and click on the "plus" button:

Next, add mapping:

Click on save and then select the value "email" from the dropdown:

From the SSO tab on the left panel, copy and paste the attributes required for Documo's side configuration. Click "view details" for the certificate:

Copy and paste the certificate:

Important Note: Keep the entire certificate, but trim the header part "[----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----]" and footer part "[-----END CERTIFICATE-----]".

If you have custom branding set up, toggle on the SAML button on your branding page:

Paste the data into the Documo configuration modal:

You're done! Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Note: Customers with other identity providers can refer to the existing guides because configuration on our side is exactly the same, and configuration on the Identity Provider side is very similar as well.

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