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Custom Fields and Admin Features

With the Version 3.8 update we have introduces new features that allows admins to create custom fields that can be used across the platform, updated fax attachment settings for email notifications, improved history search performance, and new fax failure notifications for recipients. 

Custom Fields for Accounts and Users

Administrators in Documo can now create custom fields for users. This feature also enables resellers to create custom fields for subaccounts.

Note: Custom fields from the parent account will not work for any sub accounts.

Custom Fax Fields

Administrators can now create custom fields for faxes and use those fields across the entire platform with the option to specify whether users should see the fields when sending a fax, within History, or both.

When custom fields are set up to display when sending a fax, fields will show up on the Send Fax screen. Users can also see custom fields within the History screen and can update their contents after sending by viewing fax info.

Users are also able to add custom fields to cover page templates.

Finding faxes is easier than ever. Users can now search by custom fields:

Users are also able to search for faxes by other cover page details, like recipient name and subject. (Note: searching by cover page Notes is not supported)

Fax Attachment Settings

Administrative settings to control whether faxes may be attached to mFax email notifications are now more intuitive. Disabling fax attachments in emails now hides the options controlling inbound and outbound fax attachments individually and hides the options within individual users' settings.

(Note: This update doesn't change the behavior of the settings, and no account/user settings have been changed as a part of this update. The effects of the global settings have been made more obvious.)

Improved History Search Performance

To improve the performance of searches within History, searches now require a date range. The default date range when viewing History is now set for one month. The maximum date range supported for a single search is one year.

Fax Failure Notifications

When users have provided an email address for fax notifications for outgoing faxes, fax recipients will receive an email notification if a fax sent to them has failed.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to 

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