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Dynamic Fax Blast

Faxing to a total of 10 recipients or less is a standard feature included in all plans and can be done simply by adding numbers to fax from the send fax screen. 

Users wanting to send a fax to more than 10 recipients at once can do so utilizing our Fax Blast feature.

The default setting for the Fax Blast feature is set to off for all accounts. Please contact a Documo team member if you would like to enable the Fax Blast feature on your account.

After enabling the Fax Blast feature you will be able to access from the main Send Fax screen in the web application.

First, click the down arrow on the Fax Blast card.

Once expanded, you will have the option of standard Fax Blast or Dynamic Fax blast. The standard Fax blast allows you to send a file to multiple recipients whereas Dynamic Fax Blast lets you send different files to many recipients. This article will walk through the Dynamic Fax Blast option but you can learn more about the standard Fax Blast feature here.

By default, no cover page will be attached. To attach a cover page, check the "Include Cover Page" box. 

If you choose to attach a cover page, you will have have the option to "Send fax to recipient list" which will allow you to fill out a cover page on the following step or you can "Include cover page with dynamic fields" which will allow you to use columns in your .csv file to generate a cover page for each fax. 

Choose the option you want and proceed to follow the instructions. It will prompt you to to upload a .csv file containing the appropriate fields, including the file that will be faxed. Files can be identified in the .csv by either using the path to the file in mDrive or pulling the internal ID of the file. Because files are specified by an mDrive identifier, you must have mDrive enabled on your account. 

To pull an internal ID, navigate to your file in mDrive, click on the options menu of the file and select "Get internal ID."

You can always "Download example" if you need help formatting your .csv. 

Please note, country codes should be included in the recipient fax number. For example, if the number is 5555551234, the number in the recipient column should read "15555551234" for a US number. 


Once these have been added simply click the send button and mFax will take care of the rest.


All faxes will populate to your history screen and you'll be able to view the status of each as they come in.


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