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mFax Connector App for Xerox Multifunction Printers

The mFax Connector application allows you to scan and send faxes over an internet connection via your Xerox device (MFP). A Documo account and active mFax plan are required prior to use.

To sign up for an mFax plan please visit 

Installation and Setup

You can download the mFax Connector App via the Xerox App Gallery and install it on your Xerox device.

There is a one-time, $20 charge to install the mFax Connector App from the Xerox App Gallery.

When you open the mFax Connector App for the first time, you'll be prompted to enter a 6-digit code to connect the app to your Documo account.

You may either scan the QR code or visit to retrieve your short code. Or, from the Documo portal, visit your Settings, click on API Keys, and then click on Add Device to retrieve your code. Short codes generated from the Documo portal expire in five minutes; if you don't use the short code to connect the app to your account within five minutes, generate another code.

Note that you'll be charged $10 per month per device connected to your Documo account.

 After connecting your Xerox device to your Documo account, you may add mFax users to the device connection. You must have at least one mFax user associated with the device connection to use the mFax Connector app on your Xerox device.

You may either scan the QR code or visit to add users to the device connection. Or, from the Documo portal, visit your Settings, click on API Keys, and then click on the gear icon next to the device to add one or more users.

When adding a user to the device connection, you'll be prompted for a 4-digit pin for that user. The mFax Connector app will prompt users for their 4-digit pin to log in.

Sending a fax

Once one or more mFax users have been associated with your device connection, the app will automatically display connected users when first opening the app.

If a user doesn't show up, you can refresh the list of users by tapping the blue refresh icon in the upper-right corner of the mFax Connector app to sync any users recently added to the device connection.

Selecting a user will prompt for the 4-digit PIN set for that user in the Documo portal to log in.

Once logged in, enter at least one fax number by tapping the plus sign or select at least one contact to receive your fax.

Tap Send Fax to adjust any settings you need for scanning the document you're faxing.

Tap Send Fax one more time to scan your document and send the fax.

Please reach out to with any questions!

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