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Email notification settings

With mFax we give you the ability to customize how you receive email notifications for inbound and outbound faxes. 


These can be set on the account level which will affect all users on the account, or on a user level. 


*NOTE* If you disable notifications on the account level, users will not be able to enable them on the user level. Any admin on the account can adjust the account level email notification settings. 


Below is a screenshot of what the email notification settings will look like by default. 

You can set email notifications for inbound and outbound fax status from All to None, Success, and Failure. 

You can also customize the contents of email notifications by using the toggle button to turn On or Off certain content from being delivered over email. 

You will only receive notifications for faxes based on those settings. 

 *NOTE* To receive inbound fax notifications a user will need to be assigned to the fax number. 

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