1. The first step is to create a new app in Okta:

2. Next, we need to configure the new app:

For retail customers, SSO URL should be (remove the space): https:// api.documo.com/assert and audience URL should be (remove the space): https:// api.documo.com. It's important that the audience URL does not have '/' at the end in any instance

Note: Resellers should set up their custom API URL first as there are many redirects that happen under the hood between the API and APP. This API URL will work as an alias to api.documo.com.


3. Next, you must download the identity provider metadata (in this case, from Okta)

4. You will then use the values from the metadata found above to setup SAML within the Documo App:

5. Finally, make sure your user is assigned to the new application and you're good to go!

Please let us know if you have any other questions!

Note: Customers with other identity providers can refer to the existing guides because configuration on our side is exactly the same, and configuration on the Identity Provider side is very similar as well.

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