Here is a list of all Fax Result Codes and what each means.


1000 = fax pending

4000 = fax failed

5000 = fax resource issue

5100 = fax request blocked

5200 = fax rendering issue

6000 = fax connect failed

6100 = fax number busy

6200 = fax machine not answering

6300 = fax detection failed

6400 = fax pickup failed

6500 = fax detection failed

6600 = fax detection timeout

6800 = fax negotiation failed

7000 = fax training failed

8000 = fax transmit failed

9000 = fax failed

Result codes can be accessed from the following locations:

  1. History page: Result codes provided in meta-data using the info link for any particular failed fax.

For a failed fax, you would find the code here:

2. Reports page: Result codes are provided when running detailed reports (Admin Feature)

3. Email notifications: Result codes are provided for failed faxes.

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